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I've been programming since 1998 - back when I was in school learning electronics.. I basically switched to computer engineering after 1 programming course since I liked it so much. After years of development, I can say I'm at a point where learning new languages is getting easy - as long as I have access to google though! I love graphics and network programming but most of all, I love challenges. This is probably why I love game programming so much, there's always something complicated to learn, be it artificial intelligence or simply loading assets.

In 2002, I started working as a programmer contractor (SPLL, etc) and in IT (La Senza, Starchoice), that's probably why I decided to go to the police academy (IT is really not fun after a few months of basically doing the same things over and over). I had lots of fun taking criminology courses, law courses, psychology courses and fighting courses. It was really fun, but there were two major issues. The first being I had not as much drive as when I was programming as a contractor or even in my IT jobs (I always ended up programming something for the job).. but the major issue was that I wanted kids and I couldn't make the two fit together. I ended up getting a job at CAE and learned that my first kid was on the way within the same week - that was back in 2007.

Working at CAE was so much fun! I remember my first day like it was yesterday - looking at those big simulators, I realized the chance I had been given to work in such a great company. After a few years, I moved on to work as a graphics programmer at Presagis.. but didn't get to do graphics at all and ended up working on data converters. I followed that with a job at EA as a graphics programmer where I was finally able to work in graphics with the newest 3d technologies of the time (clipmap implementation was the most interesting of all). I loved my time there - great team with great projects. I decided to go to Funcom though because the contract at the time was so restricting that I couldn't work on any side projects (like I always used to do) - and there's a reason for that: EA is so big that I was always in conflit of interests! So I ended up at Funcom working mostly on optimizing their MMO Pets vs Monsters and some utilities for The Secret World (chat servers, installation process, etc) until they closed most of their studio in Montreal (studio is still open but for work for hire projects with only a few programmers).

On a more personal note, I've been married to my wife Priscille since 2005 and now have three kids (Jubilee (2008), Evan (2010) and Tayo (2012)).

I technically spend more time programming than anything else... and when I do find some time to play games, I play League of Legends, Starcraft 2, DeusEx, Half-Life, Resident Evil, etc.

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